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Host my first event without any major flubs?

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We are hosting our first event for International Geocaching Day. What DOs and DON'Ts do we need to be aware of beyond those in the general event guidelines? We're in the desert, so we know the heat and lack of snowbirds will drastically limit our attendance. We are providing cold water and a simple healthy snack. We will also have 2 geocoins and 2 geopins for a drawing, along with one geo-kid braclet for girls and one for boys. What else do we need to remember to do or not do? Thanks in advance for any and all pointers.

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What they ^ all said. :)


Don't worry about the numbers - One of the best events we attended recently had only about 10 people! Everyone chatted to everyone else, drinking and eating at a wonderful location:




Keep it simple, events are supposed to be primarily for socialising.


Have a good time.


MrsB :)

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Don't worry about the numbers


Worry a little - at my first event (which was a flashmob), I counted the "Will Attend" logs and was prepared for maybe a few more. But on the day roughly twice as many cachers turned up! I ran out of my pre-printed log sheets which were also to be used for the raffle.


A little stressful, but the nice comments and logs on the event page made up for it.

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