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Is it hard to get maps from OpenStreetMap into Garmin Oregon?

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(I have searched the forums for this info but couldn't find it, although I bet it's in there somewhere. Sorry if I'm asking a repeat question!)


So last week we were doing the big debate here about buying a GPSr, which one, etc etc etc. The decision was made, and a Garmin Oregon 450 should be in our hands tomorrow. :P I ordered it with Topo maps for Canada since I live here and will use them all the time.


Having said that, I will be travelling to the USA very soon and I don't go there often, so I can't really justify spending big bucks for those maps from Garmin. Others have suggested OpenStreetMap.com and so I checked them out, chose some tiles and have ordered them. I don't know how long it takes to process that but I expect within the next few days I will have access to them.


That leads me to my question: how do I put them on the GPSr? I have read other forum topics (which honestly I did not understand at all) which spoke of needing other programs to work with maps. If that is something I will need I would rather know sooner rather than later --- I want to avoid last minute frustration before we leave on our trip if possible! :rolleyes:


I use a MacBook Air, if that makes any difference.


I hope it's totally simple, but if not, the sooner I can prepare the better! Thanks!

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OpenStreet will send you links to download a Windows installer, a Mac installer, and a *.img file that you can copy directly to your Oregon 450\Garmin\ directory.


Rename the *.img file something meaningful to you, keeping the .img extension, and put it in the \Garmin\ directory of the Oregon 450 or the installed uSD card, reboot the unit, and select the map via [setup | Map | Map Information], just like any other installed maps.


You may also find some great maps for the Oregon 450 at GPSFileDepot.com.


Although not specifically written for the Oregon series, much of the information here will apply ;-)

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Here is a great way to get a very good, very detailed, free street / trail map of the entire United States, repeating another post I made somewhere else:


I was looking at an area with a lot of trails but no PDF/JPG or any kind of trail map that I could find anywhere to use to make a KMZ (custom map). The trails I wanted are on http://openstreetmap.org, so I started poking around to see if there was a way to get those onto my GPSr. The solution was amazing:


1) go to http://www.osmmaps.com/

2) download the IMG / zip file - took 3 hours, so I let it run overnight

3) Unzip the IMG file - for me, the US file was / is 3.5 GB (yes, gigabytes)

4) rename the IMG file (since my Garmin GPS supports multiple IMG files)

5) copy the IMG file to the "\garmin" folder on the SD card in my GPS

6) "Enable" the OSM map on the GPS

7) At this point, I couldn't see the trails on my GPSr that I could see on the openstreetmap.org website. I figured I was out of luck...but... So this step may only apply to my GPS (GPSMAP 62/78 series), but perhaps there are similar steps for other Garmin GPSr: go to SETUP MAP, ADVANCED MAP SETUP, DETAIL, select MOST, and bingo! I now have the entire US version of openstreetmap.org on my GPSr, including all the trails you can see on that website. Absolutely amazing.



I have read that the OSM map is a snapshot from ~2006 census data files, and there are some known inaccuracies in the data, especially in the Western US. OSM seems to be fine for me here in the NE, but buyer beware.

This IMG file is not transparent, so I can't see any other IMG files at the same time. I received directions on how to make it transparent, but I haven't yet.

This IMG file has no topo contours (and since it isn't transparent, I can't see the contours from my other IMG file, even with both of them enabled).

This IMG file is not a routable map.



The only way that I found to test out maps was to download them and try them out on the GPSr. For me, here in New England, I eventually decided to pay the $$ for the Garmin 24K Topo Series, and I'm happy with my decision. And I tried a LOT of free maps before that, most of them from gpsfiledepot.





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Be sure to download and install the Mac edition of BaseCamp, before you try to install any OSM maps. I believe the installer you want to use for Macs is called RoadTrip (It's an old Mac application for Garmins, but those maps work in BaseCamp as well.)


FWIW, the site I'd recommend is garmin.openstreetmap.nl. The maps there will be routable. Team Periwinkle's comments about map accuracy should be kept in mind. Once you get the map, check out the areas you plan to visit in Google Earth. An OSM map I downloaded recently doesn't have my local hospital.


If you plan to use the OR for driving, you should consider purchasing Garmin's City Navigator North America. It covers all of Canada and the US and it has my local hospital, as well as better road maps. I've trusted CNNA to get me into and out of some bad neighborhoods. I'm not sure I'd do that with an OSM based map. IIRC Canada + US is about 70 USD.

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