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Question for Lowrance Endura Safari Users

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Hi there. I'm sure this is a stupid question, but I'll take the risk anyway :) I just bought a Lowrance Endura Safari GPS so I can hide my first geocache (I've been using the iPhone ap up until now.) I did read through the manual but I'm unsure how to determine the coordinates of a location. This is how I think it works. Can someone with this GPS please confirm?


Once I am standing in my desired location:


- Go to FIND

- Waypoints

- New Waypoint

- Click Location

- (record the N & W coordinates listed)


Am I on the right track? Also, am I suppose to have the GPS right next to the Cache (for example, stoop down low and hold the GPS next to the cache if appropriate). Again, probably a stupid question, but what do I have to lose? :D



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