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Screen for an external GPS


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I know this one is quite unusual.


I am searching for a bluetooth enabled screen that can be paired with an external GPS unit.

Something similar to this (awesome) invention: http://getpebble.com/


The only problem with it (guess the possibilities! Coordinates on your wrist. Two hands free for searching and a quick flip of the wrist to check coordinates).

The only problem with it, I was saying, is that it pairs with an external android device.

I am searching for something - simpler than that power watch - that could pair with any external GPS bluetooth receiver, like this:



Are you aware of any of such devices?



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If you have a smartphone is it possible to pair it with the watch to get gps coordinates? Could use the inbuilt gps or maybe one connected by bluetooth to the phone (like I already use as it's more accurate than the phone and saves on phone battery usage)


Yes I could and I do. But it won't last for a whole day. What I was searching for is an LCD screen that lasts way longer than the smartphone, so to be able to stay out in the wild for some days (at least a whole weekend!) and enjoying geocaching (and logging my track).



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There is no battery powered LCD screen that lasts a whole weekend and with a BT connection even unthinkable, for now.

Maybe some of the the Epaper models have BT and can handle your data.


Thanks for your answers dudes.

When I wrote "LCD" I was quite generic actually. What I meant is not something like a smartphone LCD screen; rather one of these:




That's the kind of screen I'm looking for and that I'd love to pair with a powerful and long-lasting GPS bluetooth unit.



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