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Looking to trade a .35 Marlin Rifle for a GPS


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Originally posted by Thallas:

This is a used 35MM Marlin, with a recently redone stock. Shoots great, and comes with Scope. Just getting into Geocaching, and loving it.


Email me if you are interested.


I have used the 40mm gernade launcher in combat. I have fired the M-2 .50 cal also. I have even fired the M-72 LAW and the AT-4 Anti-Tank rocket.


But I have to tell you, a 35mm rifle of any kind is too much gun for me to shoot more than once a month or so! Didn't stop to see what country you are in, but doesn't the ATF have some laws about anything over .50 cal? Just wondering.


Mike. KD9KC.

El Paso, Texas.


Citizens of this land may own guns. Not to threaten their neighbors, but to ensure themselves of liberty and freedom.


They are not assault weapons anymore... they are HOMELAND DEFENSE WEAPONS!

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