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how do i set a cache location with iphone 3

epic dragons
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I am brand new to geocaching and I found 2 caches :) yey


Eventually I will want to hide my own caches. I have tried looking at how I might do this and I find you need to obtain the coordinates, but no-one says how you obtain the cordinates, just something like..."using your GPS write down the coordinates".! Well....unfortunately I dont have a GPS.

I only have an iphone 3, with the an app called "INTRO Geocaching" in Australia), plus the "Maps" app.

Is it possible with my current set of Apps I have to obtain the coordinates that I will need to record when I hide a cache? or do I need a GPS to complete this task?


I hope my question makes sense!!


thanks in advance

epic dragons

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Some of the older iPhones (like the iPhone 3) are not particularly accurate for either finding or placing caches, because they do NOT have an actual GPS chip on board. They determine location through cell tower triangulation which is not nearly as accurate.


If you have a friend with a GPS it might be a good move to borrow it or get your friend's help in placing the cache.


If you want to try to get the coordinates yourself you might try an app called Perfect Mark, which takes numerous readings and calculates an average set of coordinates. Even if you use a newer iPhone or a dedicated GPS it's always a good practice to get an averaged set of coordinates, preferably on different days and at different times of day, to get the most accurate placement. Then once you have a good set, try navigating back to the spot and see how close it gets you.


Motion X is another good general purpose GPS app for the iPhone, and the free version is pretty decent.

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Oh please, please, please don't use an iphone 3 to hide a geocache! I'd extend that to ask that you not use a phone at all to hide a cache, although plenty of folks swear upside down and backwards that their phone readings are accurate. My experiance with smartphone hides says otherwise.


Pretty please...

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ok THANKS all for your replies,

it looks like for placing a cache its going to cost me some money, which I was really hoping to avoid :)


However for finding caches which is great fun for myself and kids I am finding the iphone to be really really good.

In fact I cannot complain, the caches I have found so far have been very "close" (!) to the mark, as the compass is constantly

changing but gives me the general area, often within a few metres.

So for now I will use my iphone until I become more experienced, then purchase a gps when I have spare funds..whenever that will be !


I also look forward to the day when we come across other people searching for caches so we can exchange stories.


BTW I'm going orienteering on Sunday and I am hoping that there is a cache nearby!

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