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Sydney Eternity Geocoin

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I purchased a Sydney Eternity Geocoin on eBay and I was wondering if anyone could tell me anything about the history of the coin? I like to get the background information for my coins if possible. There's a weird code on the back too and I was wondering what this is as well if anyone knows anything? It's a letter then a dash then 3 numbers. (It's not the tracking code, that's on the other side.) Thanks!

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I also like know the history and data of my coins.

I have one of these beautiful coins, in copper.

As far as I know, this coin was designed by madhattersneverland and Forthferalz.


I also found these data:


ETERNITY at the Olympics


The word Eternity was featured on the Sydney Harbour Bridge on New Year's Eve 2000.


The story behind the word Eternity is a fascinating one. To see it written in fireworks during the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games has given Christians a wonderful opportunity to talk to people about where they will spend Eternity.


"Inside the largest bell at the old Sydney Post Office on Martin Place is a word written in yellow chalk. It appeared in about 1963. The 'i' has almost vanished, but the word 'Eternity' can still be seen." Sydney Morning Herald, Dec 1999


The word Eternity, always written in copperplate handwriting with a flourish on the 'E', and underlined by the tail of the 'y', has fascinated Sydney-siders for almost seventy years.

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