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COINTEST: Midwest GeoBash Mega Event Cointest


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I am heading to the Midwest GeoBash Mega Event in a few minutes. I'm actually running late and I didn't want to pack the car in the rain. NoSnow inspired me to do a cointest so here it is. I won’t have internet access since I’m not taking my laptop because of the heat so I will have no idea what your guesses are until I get home. I won't know the answers until then either.


Here’s what you need to answer


1. How many caches will I find while I am gone? Hint is that I am leaving now Thursday July 26 and coming home on Sunday July 29.


2. How many pictures will I take while I am gone? Even the bad ones count. LOL Just in case you ask I have a 12 MP Panasonic Lumix FZ35 camera with one 8 GB sd card (unless I decide to take a 16 GB card) and an extra battery so there could be a big potential here……..


3. I am taking coins to trade and a few to gift. How many new to me coins will I bring home? This includes any coins bought, traded, gifted or found in caches but not travelers that I may pick up.


There are always rules so here are some.

1. You can guess three times per day. Answer each question in one post and you can have 3 posts each day…..

2. No editing at all or that post is disqualified.

3. Cointest ends Sunday night at midnight EDT

4. If more than one person gives the correct answer I will pull a name out of the hat.

5. You can only win one coin.

6. The winner of #1 will get first choice, #2 will have the second choice and leaving one for #3.


Ok it’s 3 questions, 3 winners, and 3 guesses per day. Too bad I don’t have a 3-3-3 coin!

I have a Michigan 11-11-11 coin and a 10-10-10 coin and I'm sure I have something else to give to one of the winners.


A post would look something like..

1 = 107

2 = 322

3 = 25



Remember you are allowed 3 such posts in a calendar day.


I'm in a rush so I probably forgot something so forgive me if I have.

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Cointest ends in one hour.


I'm home and had a great time! I haven't downloaded my pictures or field notes yet so I have no idea if anyone has guessed correctly yet.


I will take a look at my numbers in the am but for now I think I'm going to hit the sack.....

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LB... you wrote about rain??? it was raining in July? is that normal where you live? :unsure:


Oh yes. In fact we haven't had as much rain this year as normal almost drought like. I live about an hour and a half drive from the location of the Bash and they were under a burn ban so there were no fires at any campsites. The organizers went to a great deal of trouble to get the authorities to allow the four fire pits in Area 51. Also there were volunteer firemen required to be there and water buckets nearby.


On Friday afternoon we had a HUGE rainstorm there. A few tents were damaged and lots of people got water in their tents. I was out on the fairgrounds riding my bike and doing the caches when it struck. Dummy me had not one but two rain gear outfits at my tent but did I have them with me. Nooooo. :laughing: I found a pavilion and waited it out and then found a few more caches since I was already wet.

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did i guess the right number of pictures?




I bet you are IN at least 32 of them! ;)


Neal kept telling me not to take any more pictures since he guessed a low number. Since they are digital pictures I always take more than one hoping that one will be good....



Now off to find my Bash Booty and count it. Will be back in a bit with the winners....

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Here are the answers to my cointest questions. I found the answers and then looked to find the winners.


1. How many caches will I find while I am gone?


1 Mega

1 Event

55 Trad

13 ??

1 Wherigo



71 No one guessed it. :(


My goal was to find several challenge caches that I qualified for, the puzzles that I had solved and all the caches on the fairgrounds where the event was held. Breakdown is Thursday 12, Friday 18, Saturday 3 and Sunday 38. I look at this type of event as a time to socialize with people that I see only once a year so my total cache finds will be a lot lower than a lot of the other cachers that attended. I had a lot of time on Sunday after I packed up camp and before I could pick up the dogs at the boarding kennel. I thought that maybe I could break my solo caching record or at least give it a shot. The problem was that I didn't know how many I would need to do that. I did know though that my record day was 40 caches with a group. I decided to try the bike trail. I had shorts on and there were a lot of pickers and poison ivy. My legs now look like the 2007 Unnecessary Bushwacking coin. :laughing: :laughing: It will be even worse when the poison ivy starts to breakout. My previous record was 32. It's too bad I had 3 DNFs that day or I would have had my best day ever! Those were the only DNFs for the weekend too.


2. How many pictures will I take while I am gone?


I downloaded 197 pictures. Again no one guessed it exactly. :( Neal you were in 27 of them. :laughing:


3. How many new to me coins will I bring home? This includes any coins bought, traded, gifted or found in caches but not travelers that I may pick up.


Here's the picture of the booty! I didn't include any pathtags since this is a cointest....Sort of a slow year since there were only 24. I was sure someone would have guessed this one. You guys forgot to check off 24 on your grid!

One coiner who will not be mentioned blamed the Bahama Mamas at Area 51 as the reason he forgot his coins in his hotel room and couldn't trade. LOL






This means that there were no official winners. :blink: I was going to use "The Hat" program to pick the winners but it didn't want me to add a name for each entry so I made a list of the entries as posted and then used a random number generator. The list

1 ThomasCrew614

2 Kini Ont

3 Drneal

4 Kungfuhippie

5 Gatoulis

6 Manu luq

7 GoldBugGirl

8 Gatoulis

9 SeekerFamily

10 LewisClan77

11 LewisClan77

12 LewisClan77

13 Seekerfamily

14 Gatoulis

15 Scificollector

16 Kungfuhippie

17 Shadow’s Friend

18 GoldBugGirl

19 Gatoulis

20 Gatoulis

21 Gatoulis

22 LewisClan77

23 LewisClan77

24 LewisClan77

25 SgtMikal

26 Gatoulis

27 Gatoulis

28 Gatoulis

29 SgtMikal

30 Kungfuhippie

31 GoldBugGirl

32 LewisClan77

33 LewisClan77

34 LewisClan77

35 Gatoulis

36 Gatoulis

37 Gatoulis

38 Kungfuhippie

39 LewisClan77

40 LewisClan77

41 LewisClan77



The numbers spit out by the program were 34, 1 and 31. (I didn't get a screen image of this and I apologize for that. I clicked and then realized I had forgotten that part.)


Congratulations to LewisClan77, ThomasCrew614 and GoldBugGirl. Send me your addresses and which coin you would prefer the 10-10-10 or the 11-11-11 Michigan event coins.


Thanks everyone for playing! I had a great time at the Bash and was very happy to meet in person some who I know from here. I will be posting some of my pictures in the forums here and in my logs. If you are interested take a look at my gallery in a few days when I am finished logging......

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