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Can I view waypoints from my iphone app

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The iPhone app lets me create custom waypoints which are associated with a cache. This is helpful/necessary for multis and puzzles. Is there a way to view and edit these custom/personal waypoints on geocaching.com and have them sync with the phone app? I typically will solve a puzzle at home, and would like to have a way to enter that solution, and have it show up on my phone. The opposite is true for multis.


Anyone know why Groundspeak hasn't built good tools around solving puzzles yet. They should build their own validator, that automatically add the final waypoint to your handheld device (pocket queries) once you solve it.

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No, we can't view custom waypoints created with the iPhone Geo app on Geocaching.com. Nor can we transfer coordinate data from the website to our iPhones as you can with many GPS units. It all must be done from within the Geo app. Personally I would like to see Groundspeak put forth more effort into smartphone caching. Namely, better development of the app but also possibly things you touch on, like useful ways our phones/apps can cooperate with the website. Recent disputes with Bing & Google over map tiles caused them to remove some very crucial functions from the Geocaching app with no real plan to return any of that function back to iPhone users. Google Maps returned to the website as a Premium Member only feature only, but not to iPhone users, even though we paid $10 for their app, a steep price in the world of apps. The number of smartphone cachers keeps growing, and regardless of how some may feel about them, they're here to stay. Groundspeak is earning plenty of revenue off of smartphone cachers (through the $10 app as well as Prem. Membership) that they might otherwise not have since not everyone would go out and buy a standard GPS unit.

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