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Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you MAXPEDITION

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Dusty, I can have one sent this week with the order coming in. With Turkey day this week it will most likely get here the middle of next week, then out the door on the next day to you. If you do an order I can get you in the que.


Peter, I shot you an email.


Ok, here is what I have IN STOCK for immediate shipment.


Khaki Thermite

Khaki Proteus

Kahki M1 (Sold)


Black Proteus

Black CP-L (3)

Black Thermite (3)

Black M4 (demo 10% off)




OD Thermite (4)


Here is what I have COMING.

3 CP-S black

4 CP-M black

4 CP-M green

2 Fatboy Versipack black

2 Universal Flashlight Sheath black only

1 Khaki Thermite


I expect this shipment to be in by the middle of next week (I hope). :)

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Hi TNRonin,


Very good looking products you have there. I am seriously considering the Thermite. Would it be possible for you to list all of the items that are shown in the animated gif file for the Thermite? I have refreshed several times and watched everything go in and out, but a list sure would be nice. It might also help if the storage locations were listed (left, main, front, right, etc). My only concern is that the Fatboy might be better suited for the items that I want to carry, but I prefer the ability to wear around the waist or over the sholder. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! :)



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Reg3, on this loadout


I have my surefire in the left mag pocket.

In the right I place my cell phone.

In the main I have a G36, one mag, my sportrak, and a check book.

In the front compartment I place a pen, my plam 105m (palmglove)(thick), SAK w/princeton mini FL (don't recall the name).

On the very outside compartment I can place my Emerson mini CQC-7.


The main pocket is divided into three compartments. I put the G36 in the inside most compartment. I put the mage in the bottom of the main, the sportrak goes in there, and the checkbook as well. I use the rear compartment for storing the "extender"/leg strap. The flap allows you to store a DL, and or some $$. Opening and closing the flap with the side release is pure instinct once you've done it a couple times. I find it easier to do when I'm NOT looking at it. Go figure.


Edited to add: There is a "storm" flap that will go over the items in the main compartment. This will cover what you don't want seen by the casual observer, if you know what I mean.




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Hello Mitch,

Thought I would give you a quick review of the OD Proteus I bought recently. Some close friends invited us to join them on a trip on the 'gold line' a metro light rail. This is the latest addition to the light rail in Los Angeles. We went from the east end of it in Pasadena, through old Pasadena, ending up at Union Station in downtown LA. Union Station was built in the late 1930's and is a terrific art deco building featured in many movies. Then across the street to Olvera Street for some great Mexican food

This was the first use of the Proteus as a digital camera bag. At first I wore it with the waist strap, then after boarding the train I stowed waist straps and attached it to my Camelbak Motherlode using the Proteus back straps and the Camelbak Molle loops. It was great! The main compartment held my camera, closeup lens set, mini tripod and extra batteries. One side pocket had my SAK and leatherman. The other side pocket had more extra batteries and my spent rechargables. The front pocket holds spare memory cards, a lens cleaning kit, a glasses repair kit, note pad, photon flash light and spare batteries (I know, battery fanatic) for the Photon and my Surefire. I also had a pen in one of the loops next to the front pocket.

This is really a well thought out bag. Usually multi-carry bags don't really work that well but the Proteus is different. It works really well as a waist bag and attaches quite solid for backpack attachment. Since our friends planned this outing I did not get to Geocache, but I will next time on the gold line! :ph34r::DB) Peter AKA Agreatscot

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Peter, you need to check out the new versapacks they have now! I'm waiting on availability before I start selling them. These look way cool!


You might want to check out the rolly poolly (whatever), I'm seeing the small ones as the way to hold water bottles on the packs! I'm definately wanting to try them out!


Edited to add: Thanks for the review. I'm happy you like the proteus!

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You might want to check out the rolly poolly (whatever), I'm seeing the small ones as the way to hold water bottles on the packs!

Lack of a water bottle pocket is a big flaw for me. Add a strap pocket to hold the GPS receiver on your chest and the Fat Boy would be near perfect.


Whoever wrote the description for these packs was having way too much fun:


Pack = "State-of-the-art portable gear organizer that provides secured containment for and

rapid accessibility of daily equipment."


Key clip = "Built-in key retention system." --but on the outside?


Pockets = "Integral cellphone sheath," "Integral tool scabbard" and "Multi-purpose zippered pouch."



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Hey Peter, I have emailed you, but wanted to post that I haven't forgotten you. We have had testing at school and I've been covered up.


I have some stuff in, and I will post a list of the stuff that is left over from filling Back orders. I have two more shipments coming in, which should get here in the middle of next week, in time for me to ship in time for christmas.


I am surprised at the international orders I have received. Dang it is expensive shipping internationally!


Please email me a list of the stuff you want and I'll let you know what I've got here and now. I'll take care of you like usual. :huh:


I'm disappointed and sad to say the new items won't be available until next year. I too was looking forward to some of the new stuff. I'll ask MAXPEDITION what gives on the colorings.


We had a snow day yesterday so I was able to catch up with some stuffage.

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Evidently, my wife overlooked my link to TNRONIN's web site and ordered directly from Maxpdition.

They said they have stopped making the blue products because they looked like the black products.


Of course, the also haven't charged the CC nor shipped the product. And a call to them last week got a recording that they were out for the holidays.


So I guess there is no Chrsitmas Fatboy for me. :)


She should have ordered from you, like I suggested. :)

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For some reason I'm not getting any emails when people post. I apologize for not getting on here recently. Had a gun show and I had to write my own finals for this group of kids.


I have some stuff, but not much, I was wiped out at the last gun show (20-21).


I'm going to try to list all the stuff I have. Here goes.


1 navy MPB

1 DC Fatboy

4 Khaki Fatboys

1 Khaki Prot

1 DC Prot (Agreatscot's)

4 blk Fatboys

1 Khaki M1 (Agreatscot's)

1 OD Thermite

1 blk FL/ASP baton holder (neat item)

1 CP-L blk (great for GPS)

2 1 CP-M OD (1 for Agreatscot)




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Tim Tang finally responded and said the order was "lost", so maybe I'll order from Tronin instead. (Although that 20% discount for their error is tempting, but I shop customer service as well as prices.)


I would like the following, but do not see the FL/Baton holder on your web page. Please e-mail me and let me know how to order (PayPal) the following:


1 blk Fatboy

1 blk FL/ASP baton holder


I assume the FatBoy is the improved model with two new features: a tactile shoulder-pad and high-breathability back padding. True?

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Dusty, you can just PP me the cost of the FL/ASP holder and the fatboy. Lemme see....


Fatboy 59.99

FL/ASP 14.99


Shipping 7.99


Total: 82.97


And ya the FB is the improved model. Thanks!


mitchell@tnrdgrnr.com will get the funds to me. I will ship the next day at the latest. I am on break and my time is my own right now. Wooohoo! :o

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My FatBoy showed up today.


It is just too cool. Not too big, Not too small. Just right for trips in more urban settings, or where I don't need the 100 oz camelbak. (My waistpack kept pulling my pants down - not a good thing.)


Thanks for the quick service.


You can send a remark to Mr. Tang, about how service is very important to keep the business.

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Hmmm... I just read the yellow tag on both pieces of equipment.


You can do Mr. Tang a favor and tell him:


"internationally renounced" is really very bad and means that all over, people would refuse to recognize his products


I think he meant "internationally renown" which is a state of being widely acclaimed and highly honored

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Hey Mitch, when you send out that fatboy, how about sending one to me. OD green was my first choice, but I can settle for black if you still have one available.


I will send address and $67.98 via Paypal to mitchell@tnrdgrnr.com to cover shipping and the fatboy after you confirm having the black. If you don't have black, when would you be ordering again? Let me know. Thanks.

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DF, what did you order and how did you order? I have one guy that ordered an CP-M in black that I have on order but we talked on that. Let me know, I don't want anyone hanging. On that note I get several hundred emails a day and there is the chance that it got killed. If you email me straight up make sure MAXPEDITION is somewhere in the note that way it gets funneled correctly.


I also sent out a Black Fatboy just the other day, could that be it? The order came in shortly after I had a root canal and a partial root canal on another. I have some good narcotics as a result.

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Wow, sorry to hear about the root canal. ;) Oral surgery sucks. Just had my wisdom teeth pulled not too long ago, and got dry socket. Not Fun. Anyway, I ordered a black fatboy from your website on Friday night. I actually sent an email the other day to an email address that is listed in the paypal receipt for your website. Not sure if that goes to you or not. I'll email you with my personal info if that helps. Thanks Much!

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Ferret yours went out on Monday or Tuesday, I apologize for the delay. It is my bad. On top of the guy backing a truck into my mouth, I am starting a new semester and trying to get the kids settled into classes. I hate the beginning, changes in schedules, and getting the last semester grades out. But I just keep telling myself that the two weeks off for x-mas, fall break, spring break, summer (3 mos), ect more than makes up for it.


The rolly polly holders are about one month out. I'm looking forward to one of those as well. There will be some other stuff getting introduced shortly as well. I'm waiting for pics from MAXPEDITION. Some of the stuff sounds pretty kewl.


And don't ask what it is, I've been sworn to secrecy. TS/SCI only. ;)

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