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Issues calibrating compass

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We have recently purchased the Dakota 20 for geocaching, and we are getting on well with it but the compass doesn't seem to be working quite right. When we approach a cache the digital countdown seems very accurate but the compass arrow is facing a completly different way. We have attempted to calibrate the compass, the 1st two stages are always successful but the final stage always says calibration failed!! we dont no if its something we are doing wrong or weather there is a fault with the gps. Just to add we have tried the calibration at home and in the middle of fields!

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I have exactly the same problem trying to calibrate the electronic compass on a GPSMAP 62s. I sent my first one back and got a refurbished one that also would fail to calibrate on the third step. I raised a fuss and they sent me a new unit, but it also failed to calibrate in exactly the same manner. By this point I had been fighting the issue for a month, and I basically gave up. I am hoping maybe they will fix the issue with a software update, but I am sick of banging my head against a brick wall.

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I had problems calibrating the compass in my 62sc once, but it turned out it was because I was sitting in my car. I stepped out and it calibrated without a hitch. Any chance you are sitting in your car while you try to calibrate? I also had a problem when I was near some buildings once. I guess something is interfering. Try walking away from buildings and such. Perhaps worth a shot?

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I think it is the bigger compass arrow that seems out. We have attempted 2 calibrate it in numerous places, at home, in the garden and in the middle of fields whilst caching but with no luck so frustrating! We contacted Garmin yesterday hoping they can help, someone should be contacting us in the next day or 2. thanks guys for your response.

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