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Language guideline - clarification


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Recently I came across several Earthcaches with an English only write-up in countries where English is not an official local language. They have been published after January 2011. I will not provide links here as this is not appreciated in this forum.


I wonder whether it depends on the good will of the reviewer whether one will be allowed to write in English only. When I asked about the possibility to use English only, I was told that this is not possible even though it is possible for physical caches.



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A simple search of the forums will show that question has been asked and answered many times already. There are many reasons an EarthCache may be published in English, including the reviewer allowing it to be published and a translation added later, being located in an area where the de facto business language is English and most visitors to the cache will speak English even though English is not an "official" language, etc.


If you have a question about a specific EarthCache, it is best addressed to the reviewer who published the cache.


The guideline addressing language requirements can be found here.


Since this will answer your question, I am locking this thread.

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