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[FEATURE] Add Ability to Main Page Search to Exclude Finds/Hides

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I have found myself on more than one occasion when trying to either do a quick search or log for a cache is typing in the name of the town (may have 60-70 caches) or using my home coordinates in the main page's search box. For larger batches, I usually use field notes or running through a list of codes I've wrote down. As I have found many or most of the caches in that area, sometimes it takes several pages of scrolling or using the maps to find the exact cache I am looking for. If finds were excluded, it is many times one of the first caches in the list.


I believe it would be a useful feature to include a checkbox or radio toggle near the search box to exclude your finds/hides from the search results. I know that adding a 'f' variable to the resulting address bar will accomplish the same task (as is done from the private profile page link) and this is what I find myself doing many times. It would just be nice to have the feature available in a quicker motion.

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