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App for ipad like c:geo

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Thanks for pointing that app out. I've been playing with it and and it seems very nice, though the translation to English is a tad poor (or non-existent in some cases) and the UI is a bit confusing, it has some pretty great features. The one I like best is the ability to navigate to a cache or related waypoint via another app such as TomTom or Navigon. This works great with TomTom at least. It brings up TomTom with the map view to choose where to navigate, with the cache (or waypoint) location initially selected, so you can pick a different spot if needed, for example a nearby road. Also filtering options for searches. There is a some pretty confusing wording in that, but once you figure it out it's pretty nice. I wish it had the ability to filter on "Found in last X days", but otherwise it's got everything you could want. I might splurge for the Pro version, but for now I think I'll use it as a supplement.

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I just tried using Looking4Cache for real and the searching and link to TomTom is awesome, but actually finding a cache, that's where it falls apart. The map is slow to update and I have no idea what the compass arrow is pointing at, but it's neither the cache nor the direction I'm facing. So I had to switch to the official app to actually find the cache. Maybe I just don't understand how it's supposed to be used? In any case it failed me there.

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The Groundspeak geocaching application for iPhone may be a solution for the iPad too. I just tested it, on both iPhone and iPad (1st generation, last OS). If I save caches with saving pictures and saving maps options, I can get back all the information offline. For spoiler pictures, this works for saving from a search, but not from a query. Tip: ask for 30 caches to be displayed and then ask for next caches repeatedly: it will at the end save a multiple of 30 caches in one session.

Nice for my next trip in Gran Canaria, where I intent to use the iPad with its better screen to prepare the hunts at the hotel, see the way in the rental car and look at the spoilers on site. :)

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