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Something for the iPod, iPhone, iPad Users, a GPS

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Actually, the BadElf isn't made by Apple, and it's been around for quite a while, since at least late 2010.


Reviews are generally favorable (see Amazon). But I've still got mixed feelings about any of the GPS add-ons, whether using the dock connector or Bluetooth. If you need a higher precision GPS than what's in your iThing, just get a handheld unit that'll have better battery life.


As an aside, Walt - I'd like to know where you can find a Bluetooth GPS puck that's 66 channel, WAAS capable, with a 10Hz sampling rate for $35. Bonus points if you can find favorable product reviews on same. Cheapest ones I can find online are at Semsons.com, QStarz and Holux models around around $55-$60 for "open box" specials.

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Like user13371 said, this is not made by Apple. As far as why you'd want something this over a dedicated GPS. A dedicated GPS is a lot more trouble, requires a lot more planning, and unless you are willing to pay outrageous prices for maps, often times the maps leave a lot to be desired and are a pain to get (and keep updated, if they are updated at all). The maps in the official Geocaching app are great, more up to date, and you get Google satellite maps which completely blow away Garmin's satellite maps which are also pretty painful to download. And they are free. FREE.


But... my experience with one external GPS module was that it had worse accuracy than the built-in GPS, and my GPSMAP 62sc has clearly superior reception to both. What we need is for somebody to make a Geocaching-specific GPS module for iOS devices, with great accuracy. That would be awesome and, in spite of the far poorer battery life, I'd use that over my GPSMAP 62sc any day and carry an external battery pack. So much more convenient, better maps, on-the-fly caching, great for logging finds and looking at logs, etc. Unfortunately I'm not sure if this particular module gives accuracy similar to the 62sc, but I doubt it. Would love to hear otherwise. So for now I use my GPSMAP 62sc AND my iPhone 4.

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