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Garmin StreetPilot GPS ColorMap & Eagle GlobalNav 12(Re-post)


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I have these 2 units for sale. They will be sold seperate. They are both units that were on display at a large sporting goods store and were never used outside of the store until I bought them at an employee clearance sale (I work there) I used them only to make sure nothing was wrong with them and now I am selling them. I will offer them up for bid, with the units going to the highest offer on Nov. 15th. (I will be out of town from Nov. 4th until the 11th.) On Nov. 16th, I will notify the highest bidder and arrange for payment and shipping. These units are both sold "as is" with no warranty, expressed or implied. I will make available e-mail pictures of both units and their accessories if requested. The purchaser will be responsible for shipping and insurance(if you request it) costs. I will accept payment by PayPal, or certified money order or cashier's check. Now....Here's a bit about them: The StreePilot comes with an 8 meg. card, the 12 v. power adapter, the p.c. interface cable, the dash mount, the owners manual and quickstart guide, but NO BOX. This unit is in nearly perfect condition with no screen or chassis scratches, dings or dents. Maybe just a little counter dust.


The Eagle comes with the Eagle cordura cammo. carrying pouch, a 12 V. car adapter, a wrist laynard and an owners manual. The screen is almost new looking with only a couple of minor scratches off to the side, not in the field of view at all. You have to look hard to see them. The case is nearly perfect, no scratches or dings or dents. The only defect is that it looks like someone might have wiped it clean with an alcohol swab or something 'cause the letters that say "GlobalNav 12" are ever so slightly smudged. Like the paint was wiped lightly with a solvent of some sort. Only very slight smudging.


If you would like further details or pictures, or would like to offer a bid, contact me at " Alphawolf@Networld.com" Remember, I will be out of town from Nov. 4-11 and will not have access to my e-mail. I would just do this on E-bay, but I hate building auctions!


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