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finding caches abroad

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I am off to france soon and wanted to find some caches there. I have only ever found in the UK.


Firstly, when I search for a cache in the area I am staying and choose one, I have tried translating the page with bing but cannot get the clue or logs to decrypt into english.


Secondly, I cannot understand how to put the co ords into my garmin etrex.

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As you're a Standard Member, I'll guess that you're loading the caches with the Send to GPS feature. These most likely won't display on the Find > Geocache > Nearest, as they are too far away from your location. Try searching for the caches by Name. Also, to double-check, hook it up to a computer with Basecamp to ensure all the caches are loaded. Alternatively, if you're trying to enter the coords by hand, create a waypoint of your current location, then edit the coords, name, icon etc.


My guess with translating the clue and logs would be that Bing, et al. have no idea what TNLNSL means, and give up from there. :P

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What sort of etrex do you have?


And what are the co-ordinates you are trying to input? For a geocache or a way point?


May be a stupid question I know but I take it you have decrypted the hint before trying to translate it.

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