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Magellan Communicator Download Wont Run

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Bought a new PC. Windows 7 and Norton 360 anti virus. When I download the magellan communicator for PC it shows up in my downloads but even though I had asked the download to Run & Save, it does not want to run. I have messed with it for hours. I have uninstalled the program and reinstalled many times. I just seem to get caught in an endless roundy roundy. When I ask the download to run, it wants to download again over and over. ------ What am I doing wrong.

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Click here: http://www.magellangps.com/Magellan-Communicator-for-PC

Click on Download

Click on Save

Click on "view save folder"

Click on the highlighted item (what you just downloaded)

Message pops up "let... make changes...?" Click yes

Run installer.


Yeah, this is most likely a Windows thing. Magellan really went to town fixing the Communicator across all platforms a couple months ago. Took them a while though. :ph34r: I don't know though, I hate 7, run Vista on a couple boxes, and am actually typing this from an XP box. But this sounds good above, are you "allowing it to make changes"?

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Yes I am. It pops up for ALL downloads, and almost never is a bad thing. In windows 8 they will be changing when this pops up...


The download is an .exe file. Or an installer for the actual thing you want. You could just run it. But since it wasn't working for you, saving it and THEN running it is my choice of action. It worked for me... and now I have to uninstall it... (I don't have a Magellan)


My bad, I was quoting you, but really talking to the original poster. :laughing: I still think it's a Windows 7 problem. I don't see anything specific regarding problems with it at Exploristforum.com though. That's a forum run by Geocachers, and Magellan monitors it. The OP can join that and ask, and there are some very knowledgeable people there. It takes a day or two to get your account approved to post though. I'm sure that's an anti-spam measure.

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