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How do I download caches from my Magellan GC onto geocaching.com?

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I don't know anything about imacs, but I do have an Explorist GC.

What are you actually trying to do? "download my first finds onto my geocaching.com" is a little confusing.

First, let's get the terminology straight so we're talking about the same thing. "Downloading" refers to moving data from a superior or more central storage location to a more local device. This would be from GC's website 'down' onto your GC. "Uploading" would be sending data from your local device (your GC) "up" to the servers.

Are you trying to 'upload' your 'find logs' from your GC up to the website? If so, on your website profile page go to "Access Your Field Notes" (lower right) and follow the instructions there.

If this is not what you mean, please reply here in this thread.


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It sounds like to me that you've found some caches and marked them found on your eXp GC. Now you are trying to transfer those finds from the eXp GC to Geocaching.com.


Do you know how to connect your eXp GC to your Mac? If you do then go to your profile page and look for FIELD NOTES. Click on the link and follow the directions there.

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