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Default coordinate units


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Is there a way to to permanently change the new Waymark default units to Decimal Degrees from the current default which is Degrees and Minutes? It is pain to have to do it every time I enter a new Waymark, and I find that about half the time when I get ready to post the Waymark it didn't accept my Decimal Degrees and I have to enter them again.

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Or you could join the crowd using the what is probably the most common format used today, especially at the Waymarking and geocaching site. The second popular format is MM DD SS, which was popular when I was younger. The third form, which you like, is most useful for doing coordinate math.


I think most modern GPS devices and software can be adjusted to display any of the three formats. It's just a display thing! So, unless you do a lot of coordinate math calculations, you ought to consider setting the default display format of your GPSr to degrees and minutes. And/or set the display format of your coordinate database program to degrees and minutes, as well.


Personally, I pull all coordinates off my GPSr into a database, managed by Garmin BaseCamp. From there, I copy and paste coordinates directly into Waymarking web pages in order to minimize, misreading, mistyping, transposing digits or otherwise mangling a decent coordinate.

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I myself prefer the decimal degrees. I found that a new, blank waymark defaults to my previously selected format, so that if my last waymark was entered in decimal degrees, then my next would automatically open with the decimal option selected. I am using Safari on a Mac. Is this not the same for you?

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DougK - Have been there, done that for several thousand Waymarks. Now going the GPS camera route, and looking to really automate the process of transferring coordinates. I am now downloading images into Geosetter and have the coord's shown on each image. Then it is a simple copy and paste to the new waymark. Can do this in Decimal Degrees. For Degrees Minutes it is one operation for the degrees and a second for the minutes.


Ianatlarge - Using the other technology of Firefox on a PC, but you've got me thinking. I use the latest bleeding edge, not out for general use version of Firefox, so maybe that is the problem. I hate the thought of using the version the masses use, but I guess I should give it a try. Going to Europe for 3 months soon, and with this new camera I know I'll have hundreds if not thousands of Waymarks to enter, both while over there after I return the US. Just looking to learn the best way to use the data the new camera gives me.

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