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getting correct co ords using an i phone

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Sure it will...




Not sure what your reply means. I have found every single cache I've searched for using the iPhone app; it works great. I do use a traditional GPSr to place caches though as everyone has pointed out, it is more accurate. But depending on the type of cache this person is placing, it might not matter if s/he uses the iPhone app to get coordinates.

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Do you have a 'car' GPS?


I would highly recommend borrowing another GPS unit to assist you in getting better coordinates.


When we first started, we hid a couple caches using both the iPhone & a Garmin Nuvi. We would use the phones and the Perfect Mark App to get many many samples and on different days. We would also use the Garmin Nuvi to take more samples and compare them. Not only that, but you need to let the phone settle - by laying it at the cache site and waiting 10-15 minutes before taking any samples.


Much easier, faster, and more accurate with a handheld GPS!

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