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how long should i wate to report geocoing missing

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Do you mean that you've been to a cache which has a geocoin listed in its inventory, but it's not in the cache?


If so, do it right away. You can mention in your cache log that the geocoin [give its name] is not in the cache and also put a note on the geocoin's page to let the owner know you didn't see it in the cache.


The sooner the coin owner knows that it's not there then the sooner they can start investigating to see where it might have gone.



MrsB :)

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Well... There's no rule about when you should mark your own trackable as 'Missing'.


For me


If a cache owner reports that the cache has been muggled and it and the contents have disappeared and my trackable was in it, then I'll mark it missing immediately.


If I have one logged into a cache and I get a couple of notes on the trackable's page that it's not in the cache, then after I've tried to track it down by sending a few emails then I'll mark it missing.


If it's logged into a cache and it's been there for months and the cache has had lots of finds and then there's a cache log which says, "No trackables in the cache" then I'll mark it missing.


If it's logged into a cache that's had several finds but nobody has logged a retrieve, I might suspect somebody has taken it but not done an on-line retrieve... In such a case I'll leave it there in the cache inventory for a while in the hope that they will do it eventually!


So the answer is: "It depends" :)


Remember that even if you mark it missing, you're not killing off your trackable for ever - If someone finds it in a few weeks in some other place they can always bring it back into the game by using the tracking number.



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I don't like to mark my coins as missing as quickly as MrsB says she does. Different strokes for different folks. I feel marking them missing too soon only encourages the bad behaviour of not logging them properly to begin with. Caches with missing coins are not the fault of the cache owner or the coin owner and yet cachers constantly scream at us when coins they had expected to be there aren't. I feel the problem is with cachers of the "hover generation" who expect others to fix their disappointments or meet their commitments and obligations.... ie. don't log or track travelers properly then complain when travelers are not logged properly and expect YOU to fix it. Pet peeve of mine.... so if someone requests to mark a coin missing that's not been seen for a couple of months I will but if someone yells at me to do so......


Wisely, or not - depending on your POV., Ground Speak gave the power to mark travelers missing to three entities: the coin owner, the cache owner and the ever vigilant reviewers. Checks and balances when egos get bumped too hard.

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no i mean mine i have two or more that have ben taken but not shure how long i should give it

I looked at your list and didn't see any concerns. If you returned to the cache and saw no Trackables, be sure to make a log note like "saw no Trackables in the container" (especially if there's no log that a Trackable was removed). In that case, I usually do a little detective work on the logs after the Trackable was placed -- was the cache found by a lot of new cachers? Was it found by people who haven't cached since? Any mention of it being in a bad spot for "muggles"? Does the list show evidence of other missing Trackables?


If your Geocoin has sort of evaporated, maybe someone's on a cross-country trip, and will do all their logs later. In a case like that, I'd suggest you give it at least a month before marking it "Missing". If you get an email about it being not found in a cache, that might be a good time to mark it Missing. One of mine turned up like magic, eighteen months after it vanished. There's certainly no hurry when it comes to Trackables. As Droo said, you can decide your own time-frame.

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I have a trackable that was marked missing and I had it returned.

How do I return it into my inventory so I can log that I dropped it off?


Go to the trackable's home page and add a log entry - Select the option 'Grab it from somewhere else', put in the tracking number, your own comment, and submit the log. This will bring the TB back 'into your hands' and in your inventory.


MrsB :)

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