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Magellan Triton SD card issues

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I know there is a Magellan Triton forum out there, but haven't had any luck getting help from that site. My internal memory is full on my Triton 400, so I bought a PNY 16GB SDHC disc. Can't get it to format and can't get anything loaded on it. What am I doing wrong? Did I go too big? My last card was Lexar 128 MB SC card, but now I am not sure it was holding any data on it either like I thought it was. I have no maps and limited to 804 geocaches. Help!

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The SD card is memory expansion only for maps and media. The 400 is limited to 1000 waypoints, 1000 geocaches, 20 routes, 15 tracks, and only on the internal memory for user content of 20 MB total. What is eating up the memory on the unit? Do you have other maps loaded there?


Use Vantage Point to back up the internal memory, clear it all out and then reload only the geocaches, point, routes, tracks needed. Keep all maps on the SD card except the original base map.

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Thanks so much. I thought for sure that once I loaded a SD card that I would be able to get more geocaches on the unit, yet it keep telling me I was full and I couldn't figure out how. I had only about 193 waypoints and not sure how many geocaches, but now I know that I need to just clean it out. Is there a way to mass delete from Vantage Point verses individual deletes? Thanks for the help.

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