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Geo Dogs TB

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It was seven years ago I did this..




Even back then some people loved the ideas of my posting TBs and some did not but 100s of caching teams took part in my different posting TBs from kids/Adult Races, North/South Races, Men/Women Races, Caching Mobiles ect


I am hoping to do some kind of Geo Dog posting TB again and was hoping to have about 50 teams play, if you would like to give it a go drop me an email through our profile.


If you don't like the idea of posting TBs close this thread and move on but don't give me any grief :o:ph34r::P


Mandy :D

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WOW what a great response :blink:;)


From posting this thread at stupid o'clock this morning I already have about 20 dogs and their owners who would like to take part in a posting Geo Dog TB


I am pleased there are still plenty of nutters about :lol:


When I decide how the TB will work I will send the information to those who would like to join


Many thanks for all your replies


Mandy :D

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There are some real blasts from the past on this thread, and it's great to see folks who did the original TB more than 7 offering to play again :D;)


I am planning the TB page as I speak and I will send everyone an email about my mad ideas for your dogs


I think I have about 30 dogs playing now but more are welcome


M :D

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Awwwww i wish we still had our Border Collie, she would loved to have geocached. We took up geocaching to get us out and about after she died. :mellow:


I have just been having a conversation with Rod from thekennel@79 about the Border Collie Rescue, some very interesting stuff on their website if your interested in another dog


M :D

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I have no dogs but could I enter my Dragon, she's fairly well trained and doesn't bite ... often :)


The new TB is up and running.




I just need to add the dog/team names, then get a new photo of Jess laminated and it will be on its way....


Mandy ;)


Beleive me I have had worse join my TBs :lol: stuffed dogs, cats


I should just make it a "pets" TB


I might be a bit dubious of Dragons though, the last time I saw a stuffed dragon it was covering Deceangi's ... err how shall we put it...his err...embarrassment :o:lol::rolleyes:


M :D

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You do have the craziest - and best :D - ideas Mandy! :laughing:


... I don't have a dog :( ... but I was wondering if Inca The Geohorse could join in! :P


Diddi x


And people keep telling me "I'm" mad :P


You'll be asking me if it can join the Secret Santa next won't ya Diddi


Nutter :grin:


But hey if your horse wants to play add his name


What other kinds of animal do folks cache with?


M :D

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