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The boy scouts really want to put out a geocache and is there any cheap cache containers and we don't have any gps all we are going off is my phone is there anyplace where we can get them free or cheap

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I am inferring you have two questions needing replies: where to get GPS units and where to get containers.


As far as GPS units, you have several options. You are in IL fairly near Kankakee and Champaign I see. Go to an event or two near you. Meet local cachers and ask for help. You will get the help you need and want very quickly that way. Another option: contact the cache owner that put out most of the caches near you. Ask them to come help you with the merit badge.


Another option to borrow units is to contact the major companies: Magellan, Garmin, etc. There have loaner programs and every company is different how they run the loaner.


Check with your council office. Most boy scout councils have units they check out during the 'off season' for camp.


Check with your boys! You will be surprised how many of them have a smart phone that can get the app!!!


Next: the container. How big of a geocache are you wanting to establish? If you are looking to put one right off I-57, an ammo can travel bug hotel would sure get a lot of hits. You can get ammo cans at military surplus stores for $3-$30. Depends how big of a container you wanted to put out. I would go to the $ type store and invest in a chain and lock so close to an interstate.


I have used Folger's and Maxwell House coffee cans fairly well too. You get some NASTY winters there (I grew up about 60 miles north of you~!) so plastic containers may not hold up well.


I hope that helps a bit give you some ideas. I know, not the 'free' response you were looking for. Sorry...


OH, how about an earthcache? You are just south of Kankakee. Any glacier formations near you? Contact U of I or K3 community or your community college and ask for the earth science prof.



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Go to your local 'film developing' store (CVS, Walmart, etc) and ask them if they have any 35mm film canisters left over. They usually give them away.

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