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What's wrong with my forum signature?

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Not sure how it got like that, but have you tried copying and pasting what you just put into this forum post into the signature block? It's plain text so it should render properly. When I view the HTML source of this page, it says your signature was cached yesterday so maybe you can only update it once a day or something?


UPDATE: Further proof caching might be an issue. I added a forum signature before replying to this post and it did not show up. I think you might have to wait awhile and it will update.

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Sometimes, after making profile changes on geocaching.com, you need to log out of the forums and then log back in again. And sometimes, you need to use the Community > Discussion Forums link on geocaching.com to get to the forums, and update your information on the forums. And sometimes, you need to do both.

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It hasn't changed

There is something seriously strange about all the extra space below your attempt at a Forum Signature. You just need to experiment and get it eventually, or provide a step by step account so we can see what you are doing wrong. Look down at the VERY BOTTOM of my post. Nothing to it. I will remove that when you have sorted out the problem.


Problem sorted: ~Nwilwohl~ removed from Sig Line

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It is fixed

Just out of curiosity, and perhaps to help someone in the future, would you care to give us some idea what the problem was?


Edit: I notice now, you still have a bunch of white space below your Sig Lines in MOST of your posts, but the original post is OK. Now I am confused, and I understand that is the easiest thing you ever did.

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