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Bushnell Onix 200

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I have a Bushnell Onix 200 Color that I would like to sell or Trade for a Maggellan or Garmin Etrex.

I know these Bushnells got a bad wrap but once I studied the books, it worked OK for me. I found it at first to be a bit confusing but after I got used to it, the software worked ok for me. With todays technology and simplicity of newer GPSs, the old timer Handhelds are a bit cumbersome. I downloaded GPSBabel and found it easy to work with the software that came with the Bushnell. Having the GC site up and downloading the caches, then using GPSBabel to convert into the Busnell software, It downloadeds right into the unit.

The accuracy I have to say I found very good once in the field. I had my iphone app up in one hand and the onix in the other (paint that picture in your head) and both were right on.

One thing I noticed right out of the box is the Onix found satilites right from my couch in me house. That impressed me.

Anyway, please do not consider buying or trading if you are not one for digging in and really figuring these out.

At first I fumbled over the menus and software but stuck with it and had good luck with this.

Why am I getting rid of this?

I use mostly my iphone now and want to trade for a simple unit so I can teach my grandchild the hobby. This Onix is above her head in learning I do have to admit.

It comes with the software, book, and USB cable interface. The unit is in great condition cosmetically.

I can send pictures if you are interested.

I would rather trade this than sell it.

Thanks for reading and if you are interesated and have any questions, please ask. I would like a clean and friendly exchange.

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Can you give me some tips on entering coordinates. Can't seem to figure it out. I can select the coordinates and pick the number but can't get past this

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To insert coordinates manually, follow these directions.

In order to insert coordinates, you have to be on the NAV page.

Using the button on the right side, scrolls through all your pages.

Once the "NAV" page is displayed

Press the top "HOT" Button

This will bring up a menu

Scroll to "Find/Goto" and press OK (center of the 5 way switch on front)

This will bring up another menu

Scroll to "Location" and press OK

This will bring up a screen to enter Coords. Once all the coords are inserted press OK

This will bring up another Menu

Scroll to "navigate"

The handheld will now be set and ready to take you to your waypoint.


I hope this helps, like I said in my post, this unit is very confusing to use but once you have explored all the hidden menus and procedures that the "quick guide" does not cover, it actually is a nice unit.

Definately not a "Plug and Play" and is a challenge to master.

I do believe this was the primary reason for their un-popular status hence the discontinuing of topographical maps which I would have used extensively.

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