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Commercial event?

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Proceeds to go to the park? How is that going to be verified? Wouldn't it be better to put on a free CITO event in the park, if benefitting the park is the purpose?


If this does go on as planned, I hope there is somebody with more than 1 hide there to help the newbies with the complexities hiding caches.

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See this post from Miss Jenn


A mandatory entrance fee can be charged but only to recover the legitimate costs of this event.


This is the situation in this case.




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Personally, I wouldn't have a problem in anyone charging for an event. They are unlikey to get many attendees as there are so many free ones, but that is by the by as in most cases they will be outside the Groundspeak rules. In this case the event owner comes across as a reasonable person in their commetns on the listing page, but his reasons for charging as stated in his note of 21st June he/she says that "all proceeds will go to the upkeep of the park for the future" which clearly isn't "a legitimate cost of the event". From Geohatter's comments there is actually another reason for the charge, so it would be a good idea to mention that on the listing page if the owner were to re-enable the event.

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