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I'm headed to Erie, PA for a caching weekend

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I will be in Erie, PA for a three day weekend in mid July. I have only been there to run a half marathon on Presque Isle State Park. Ok I went to Sheetz too. Help me not miss some of the cool caches. Don't get me wrong, I love a LPC (or 12 per day ;-).


I would like/things I am interested in:


* a strong numbers showing (25-35 day)

* Earthcaches - need two more working towards my EarthCache Master Platinum (these don't have to be done on this trip, But I do like these)

* I will have a car

* I'm running a half marathon Sunday morning

* Looking for fun above all

* Going to MidWest GeoBash the following weekend.


Thanks for your thoughts!

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Head east on I-90 & I-86 through Jamestown to Salamanca. Head south on US 219 to Bradford PA. Stop at the McDonald's and log Penn Grade Crude Oil Earth Cache. Head out of Bradford on the back road across the state line into NYS Alegheny State Park to Thunder Rocks II.

There is another Earth Cache that I did not do the research for above Salamanca. There are also many caches including a Wherigo in the Red House section of ASP. Head back to Erie from the exit west of Salamanca (I-86).

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I am from Erie, PA..

One earthcache on the Peninsula...Almost an Island Earthcache

Another one I have done is a quick and easy one: Girard's Artesian Well about 30 minutes from the Peninsula


Also the oldest cache in PA.. State Game Lands #109...Casino is close by also.


Also there is the Erie Bayfront Highway Geo-Trail which I have done a few of but has some nice views of the Peninsula and bay area. (This will get your numbers up)


Let me know what else I can help with!

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I've done some caching in the Erie area but it has become hard to find the gems among all of the chaff. I recall enjoying some of the caches in Preqsque Island State Park. Wintergreen Gorge had some nice caches.


I'm sure there are some other nice spots, but due to the overwhelming volume of LPCs and similar caches that hold no interest to me I rarely bother geocaching when I'm in the area anymore.

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