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Nuvi / GSAK - no cacher logs shown?

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I have a Garmin Nuvi 50, have set up GSAK with Pilotsnipes macro to export cache listings to the GPS, I get the cache listings and hints to appear but for some reason cannot seem to get the previous cachers logs to appear. The Nuvi 50 is quite a new model and there does not seem to be an option for it amongst those on the drop down menu on GSAK, not sure if this is part of the problem but doubt it because everything else from the cache page is appearing on the GPS.


What am I doing wrong that I cannot see the previous logs?


Any help will be hugely appreciated.

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What macro are you using?

Does the macro itself say it'll show the logs?


My husband and I have experimented with the nuvi and getting caches in with GSAK and macros - its been one headache after another until we settled upon a certain macro and just stopped fiddling with it. And actually, I think he had some basic information in it and from there...we use our handhelds. We only use the Nuvi to get us to parking.

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