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Does anyone have a Garmin 12 they would like to sell?

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unfortunately i am not selling mine. however like you i also learned on one, bought one on e-bay and still love it! check out e-bay, don't get caught up in a bid frenzy and pay more than a new one would cost, and beware of shipping cost too. that added to bid price can up it pretty high. i got mine basically brand new (used 3 times maybe by routes stored) for $105. total. i am happy. good luck have fun.


having to do what the voices in my GPSr tell me to do...

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I'm asking $115. The unit is in excellent shape, I've only had it for three years. I do not have the original box that it came in, but I do still have the manual. The cheapest that I've found on the internet is $139.95 new (and that only includes the manual, no other accesories). Included with mine is a "PC/Cigarette Lighter Combo Cable" ($39.95 value - for connecting to your PC to download cache data via the shareware program EasyGPS & using the cigarettle lighter as external power on long driving trips), a Garmin nylon case (value $10.95 - will attach to your belt) and a Ram Mount Unit Cradle (value $9.95 - can be used in combination with other Ram Mounts for mounting unit on windsheild via suction cups, dashboard, mountian bike handle bars, etc.) All the accesories came from GPSCity.com . If you interested, I can take digital pics of the unit & accesories & email them to you!

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