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Garmin Etrex 20 sticky issue on 2.80 firmware

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... Is totally FIXED!!! Whoooooo whoooooooo!!! Thank you garmin! And thank you all that kept the sticky posts alive until they took action.


After a few days of use on 2.8, I have not had a single lockup of the map or distance to waypoint. It continues to correct its location under all circumstances yet the direction arrow / gps compass stays controlled and confident. They absolutely exceeded my expectations . Nice work garmin... I have my geocaching gps again!


Thought I would drop by and share the good news.... Cheers!

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I have not seen the stickies but have seen the sluggies, sluggish to move the arrow and and occasional confusion. Most have been cleared by a reboot. What I don't like is the sort waypoints alphabetically, every time I go to look at a waypoint it it pops up the text entry and I scroll down to dismiss it. ugh. I was thinking it would be neat on the caches but quickly dismissed that idea. Still not convinced having both GPS and GLOSNASS on is a good idea, seems to work better with just GPS. But certainly much better than when I first got it at Christmas time. In fact I cleared a DNF I got my first time out. The etrex was all over the place, yesterday went right to it without hesitation. Getting pretty close to being a finished product. I noticed the Oregon's seem to be getting firmware updates for improved compass performance, I would like to think the etrex owners got Garmin to finally look at that part of the code.

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