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Odd Favor!

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Hey guys,


Here's a strange one for ya'll.


I know some of you guys have the professional L1 or L1&L2 band receivers - I worked with one of you a few years back, even!


Due to a revamping of my grade crossings at the railroad, I'd like to get high-accuracy location and elevation readings for the grade crossings we have. I have to update 90% of our Inventory Database with the FRA, and since ALL of them have incorrect or missing Lat/Lon readings I thought it'd be great if I could update those as well. (Elevation would be for my own train crew's usage, tho..) So I'd love to borrow someone's antenna and get some readings.


It's not worth hiring a company to come out, so is why I thought I'd ask here, figured it couldn't hurt. :)

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Well this post was a while ago, and our previous encounter was also. Nevertheless I am still ready to help, but I am not sure if you are still in the area. (MD/DC/VA). I could go other places but would need more information.


- jerry

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