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I dont know about buying it on Ebay, bought mine retail. As for the unit itself I have had mine for like a year and half and it has worked great for me the whole time, which is impressive considering how i beat on any equipemnt I own but esp. outdoor stuff ( i tend to fall into rivers and a frighting rate icon_rolleyes.gif )

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I got mine as a gift and absolutely love it. The unit is quite straightforward to operate and it is difficult to get confused with it. Here in the Pacific Northwest, it sometimes has a rough time getting a lock on the sattelites with the thick tree cover, but so far it hasn't stopped me from caching! icon_smile.gif


Good luck in your search!

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That's not a bad price w/ or w/o the rebate since they avg 350 retail. I've had mine for about 2 1/2 years and love it. With learning all the features & playing around get yourself some rechargeable batteries though!!!! I used mine for hunting & Military duty the last 2 years in the NW and love it, been Geocaching since around Feb and it works great.




If you hide it, I'll find it!!!!


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