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Garmin v iPhone4

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Bit torn here folks, new to Outdoor GPS units and Geocaching, would value your opinion on the relative merits of the options.


I've currently got an iPhone 4 and GPSMAP60CSX use for bit of walking and geocaching.


Like the 60CSX for:

robust construction:

good location fix

ability to load walk directions to the GPS and download from GPS to Quo/BaseCamp after the walk to keep a record of where we've been.

Good battery life, can carry spare AA's.


Downside - no camera, no paperless geocaching.

Like the iPhone for:


downloadable Geocaching on the go via G3/phone (got the Geocaching iPhone App)

Geotaged pictures

Upload Geocache finds from the iPhone



Not very robust, doubt it would do well in the wet

dont think its as accurate as the 60CSX

Battery life as GPS unit not good.


Am considering selling the 60CSX and getting a 62 STC - the one with the camera.


Opinion/comment/suggestion - welcome all opinion, theres going to be stuff thats relevant that I've not thought about.

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Why do you need anything else?


You already have everything you need. My husband and I carry our phones (iphone 4) with us all the time while caching. The phones are perfect for taking pictures and logging the caches 'in the field'.


For the most part, the phone stays in our pockets until after we find the caches. We get them out and log the caches immediately. On our more 'extreme excursions' - My phone goes into a 'dry box' and is usually around my neck on a lanyard or inside the backpak. My husbands phone will stay in the car.


And, if absolutely necessary......we have a backup cheapo $100 camera that we take along instead of the phones. This camera is our 'beater-uppper' and it takes GREAT pictures. You just can't do anything with them until you get home and hook up the USB chord.

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