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Geocoins get stolen

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I think there needs to be something done about our geocoins and travelbugs that get stolen. My only idea, that I know will affect cachers, is for Groundspeak to remove the ability to see whether a cache contains a trackable. Make it a surprise? BUT, we should be able to see where our discoveries are, such as previous trackables we already found, and our own of course. I know a lot of you won't agree, but I don't know how else we can get 'geocaching' muggles' hands of our geocoins. This is an important issue this is! I lost my first and only travelbug before it even traveled 30miles! There's no way I'm going to put one of my coins in circulation when I receive them. I hope I made some points clear? I'm Afrikaans, and my English is not first class :)...though, as long as we get our messages through to one another?

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Only one way to keep your geocoins from going missing, unfortunately: stop releasing them into the wild.


If you leave it in a cache, you're trusting strangers to do the right thing. Sometimes that trust is valid, sometimes it's not.


We've been caching for over five years and have released dozens of trackables. Quite a few have gone missing, and there's nothing we can do about it.


We learned a long time ago that it isn't worth getting upset over. At the end of the day, it's a piece of metal. A nice piece of metal, sure, and possibly a well-traveled piece of metal. But a piece of metal all the same.

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