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Clearing out my collection


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That is really tough. Names is usually best. Since you do not have the names you could either take their pictures gradually (by taking a picture of each page which includes 10 coins or whatever number) or I guess you could sell them grab bag style, but that would not be as fun. You could also sell them by request format where cachers email you about a coin they want and you check, but that would take a HUGE commitment on your part, so that might not work either.

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Hi everyone,


I have quite an extensive collection, most coins from 2007 and 2008 that I am looking to sell. What is the best way to do this...to be honest, I don't remember the names of many of them. Any advice would be appreciated.

I don't know any Geocoins by name, so I've never participated when people offer a huge list. Can you post photos? I'd buy one or two that I think look cool. Or in the case of a coin I'd release, I'd select the least appealing one.


If you offered a "grab bag" of, say, three un-sorted coins at a pop, I might buy that if it's not too expensive.


You could put the whole shebang on ebay.

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I think photographing them a page at a time would be best. Folks on the forum would certainly help you name them too.


You can have a look at my Dutch collection page and see if you recognize any of them. I'll make an offer on any marked 'seeking' ;)

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If you go to the trackables page and enter the tracking number of the coin there it will tell you the name of the coin. :)


Tracking Page


This is exactly what I always do. That way I have the "official" name for the coin. It's easier to Google and/or search cointracking.com that way. Some have other "common" names too, but the forum folks can help with that part.

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