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Image maps - adding hover text

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Hi. I'm trying to create a cache page with an image map to provide links to related caches in a series. So far the image map appears to disply ok with hotspots which are clickable. The problem is that the "title" tag isn't working so no hover text is possible to direct people to the correct page. I'm assuming "alt" works for IE but I'm using Chrome to setup the page and according to the tag-list the title tag should be OK. I've tried adding it to the main image and it works fine. Anybody been here?

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I don't see why the browser sould make a differene, if anything Chrome should be better than IE!.


Simple stuff time: Are you sure you're defining the area map properly for the image map: http://webdesign.about.com/od/imagemaps/a/aa110507.htm


It makes a difference because IE uses (wrongly) the "alt" tag to display pop-up text where Firefox and chrome use the correct tag "title". Groundspeak appears to support neither in the cache pages (but I don't have IE so I don't know. The tag is listed in the supported tags list so it should work.

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