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Uk County Maps

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Well, if all you want is the map...


http://www.ukgeocachers.co.uk/ do a version. You need to register with them.

(Groundspeak official supplier, based in the UK. No connection, other than satisfied customer)

Needs to be edited by hand... As you find caches in new areas.



GSAK. Geocaching Swiss Army Knife. http://gsak.net/

Great for 'manipulating' data for caching purposes.


Once installed, there are various 'Macros' one of which is the FindStatGen macro.

Once you have your 'Finds' loaded into GSAK, via the MyFinds PQ, it will produce the statistics that you wish to show.

How to use it... here: http://www.ukgcpodcast.com/gsak-fsg-macro/


GSAK is free, and fully functioning for 21 days. After that you get a 'nag screen' asking if you want to register... It remains fully functional.

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