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Coin Event Trip to Montana, June 8-10


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Greetings all,

My name is Teewinot. I live in Blaine, MN. This coming saturday, June 9th, The Badlands Geocaching Group has an event set up in Glendive, Montana. This event includes a flash mob event and a geocoin give away. You can read the details here, GC3H6V9. I am the former president of the group and would really like to go back this weekend to do the event. I am looking for up to three other cachers to carpool with me to Glendive. It is a 10 hour drive. We would leave sometime on Friday the 8th and return on Sunday the 10th. I want to split the gas. I have a nissan versa that gets 35 hwy, so it wont cost a fortune if we all pitch in. There is camping available in Makoshika State Park where the event is located. I would prefer to travel with men only becuase I am married and my wife gets crazy about me spending time with other women, lol. If interested, please email me right away. If I don't have any takers by Wednesday, I will not go. You can email me through geocaching.com or patrickjc813@yahoo.com


The coins are sweet and it the events are a blast, I hope I get some people interested.


Thank You,


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