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I have Geocaching for Android installed on my Samsung Galaxy Tab and it seems I have to have a data plan or by near WIFI to see maps. Is there a way to preinstall them on my Tab? I also use Backcountry Navigator and can load any maps I wish but it does not seem to have all the information on Caches I want. Am I missing something or do I have to have a data plan, which I do not intend to purchase.


Thanks guys

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With some of the other map programs you can download maps from many sources at no cost. You pick the area you wish to hunt and depending on your memory card size you can download detailed maps of any area. It suprised me that this was not available with the Geocaching Android program. I was hoping I was wrong. Before I use the other Map program I go to a WIFI spot and download the maps and it is free. Thanks for the reply


My guess is that map downloads are in the same realm as music and video downloads, which most likely means you need a data plan, or be ready to pay hefty data download charges each time you use the app in the field.

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