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CD / record sleeve locations. Proposal

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Original discussion here:-




I kind of lost my way but think that it is time to take this forward.


The proposal was to locate and waymark locations used on CD / album sleeves.


The original discussion got a bit lost in the question of copyright of the original image. However, there are images all over Waymarking of stamps, bank notes and coins, old photographs and so on which must all present the same questions, so I think it is probably a red herring.






The object of this category is to find specific sites depicted on CD and record sleeves, photograph them and record the coordinates of the viewpoint.


Expanded Description:


The first record sleeves were usually little more than a stiff brown paper bag. However, somewhere along the way, someone had the bright idea of printing a picture on the outside. Sometimes it features an identifiable geographical location. Sometimes it will also feature the band or artiste looking earnest or perhaps zany.


There are many that are iconic (think Abbey Road by The Beatles) and have been copied by others over the years. The Red Hot Chilli Peppers copied it wearing just 3 socks each and so do hundreds of tourists every day.


For the purposes of this category, an album (CD or record - even a cassette or 8 track) must have been on general release.


Not every release will lend itself to inclusion in this category - in fact most won't. It must bear the image of something that can actually be visited and photographed. The waymark must include both an image of the sleeve and a photograph of its subject. Please try to photograph the location from the same angle so that the scene is recognisable. Many places will have changed over the years but remain identifiable.


Many sleeves will feature the performer on stage inside a venue. When submitting this type of waymark the venue should be so distinctive that there could be no mistake. These would be very rare submissions and would almost certainly always go to a vote.


Instructions for Posting a Record Sleeve Photographs Waymark:


HOW TO: There are two phases to creating a waymark for this category.


First -- The selection and imaging of a recording sleeve. The sleeve must bear the image of something that can actually be visited and photographed. An image of the sleeve must be included in the photo gallery. This may be done either by photographing it or scanning it.


Second -- Find and photograph the site represented on the sleeve. Every attempt should be made to duplicate the vantage point and perspective of the image on the sleeve. If you need to pose in the scene to complete the image, more kudos to you.


Submissions without both photos can not be accepted. There would be no point.


Please help the group managers by adding reviewer notes if it might help.


Please try to maintain a high quality of photographs. Whilst it is appreciated that sometimes all we have is a phone or GPSr with a camera, most of these devices will produce good photos with care.




What next?



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