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Are you heading to Wichita? Let us know.


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If you are heading to Wichita, Kansas, and would like to meet the locals, drop a note here to let us know you're coming. Local cachers will have a heads-up of your upcoming arrival and can make plans to meet up with you for caching company, help with "special tools," or whatever.

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First of all, I tried this years ago, posting a note on a cache with a lot of people watching it, and got no response. So thank you for the offer on the forum. I have found some of your caches, and enjoyed them.


Second, CURSES to Lincoln B. for completing your new Challenge Cache first. If I had known about that one.... I would have been all over my family to "get er done!"


I've been begging my family to go back to Wichita for some major Waymarking at the University, and this new challenge cache just might be the the nudge they need. I love it. Now if I can only figure out what the coordinates are!

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