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how do i download to my magellan roadmate?

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I'm new to this and trying to download to my magellan roadmate gps.Any advice? when I'm on the address screen,the check device button doesn't seem to do anything .help!


I hate to say it, but you may not be able to. But I will try and walk you through it just in case you are. (or how it works with my 60csx).

First go to the Megellan website and download POI loader. think this might be it: http://magellan-roadmate-poi-manager.software.informer.com/


After that, plug you gps into the puter, don't remember if it needs to be off or anything. Trial and error I guess. After you get it pluged in, open up POI manager on puter. And "clear all POI or Custom POI" this shouldn't take very long.


Now go to your GSAK (geocaching Swiss army knife) Hope you know how to work this one.... This is where you may have to a bit of looking into. I think you need to download an Megellen roadmap "macro" thats the key word. Look for your modle number. (((Do a serch for the macro on the website.))) Download......


After you have a bunch of caches on the GSAK up on the page, click "RUN" I think.... been a long time... Upper task bar. Drag down to Macro or Manange Macro. Click your Megellen thing you downloaded and let her run. Should take a few min. I think it took me like 3 min. to do this. NO YOUR NOT DONE>...... You now have to save this in a place you will remember.... After all that, close or minimize GSAK and run that POI manager again and tell it to load THAT macro save thing. Should only take about 30 sec.


PLEASE READ THIS:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: If You are more lost after reading all of this, check the geocaching swiss army knife forums. Thats where I had to go to get this all figured out. After you do it once, it will be much easier. Just that first time sucks. Good luck. And I hope I was able to help you a little.

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