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We homeschool, too! Our 5 year old (kindergarten) loves to cache. We started geocaching last October but between the rough winter and how busy our Spring was, we weren't very active. But in the last month, we've found 21 and we are trying from this point on to average 5 a week. Great way for us to incorporate map skills, physical education/health, and history - especially in our area of the country!


Also, really glad to see other homeschoolers :D

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We started geocaching about the same time we started homeschooling...8 years ago! We love it. We even introduced my sister and her family (also homeschoolers) to gc'ing a few years ago, and they really enjoy it, as well.


Our kids are now 17, 15, 13, and 11, and together we have found caches in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Florida. We loved gc'ing in Florida (very interesting mix of terrain...one cache was even on an island that you had to wade about 1/4 mile out to at low tide!...very cool). I have to say that the most notable difference between gc'ing in Maryland and gc'ing in Florida is the gators! LOL One memorable gc found 5 of us searching for the cache while the 6th kept a close eye on the alligators that were lounging in the sun about 30 feet away!! And we found it! Now that's dedication. :D


Here in PA we've gotten involved with a wonderful homeschool group, and this year I am the coordinator for its Teen Group. One of our first teen events will be a Geocaching Adventure. Most of the teens have never geocached before, so I'm going to set up a three-stage multi-cache for each group with the caches starting out easy and getting progressively harder to find. One of the caches will have a TB in it, and it will become our Teen Group mascot. The group that finds it will decide what its travel goal will be and will get to choose the mascot (the item that we will attach the tags to). I think it will be a lot of fun for our group to keep track of it and watch it travel! I am planning a geocaching day for the teens every month throughout this school year, and I'm really looking forward to it.


My sons just became Boy Scouts last year, and they were happy to find out that there is a Boy Scout Merit Badge for geocaching! So now we're tracking our gc activities for their merit badge requirements.


Loved reading everyone's educational ideas here, and I'm so glad to see so many other homeschoolers involved in geocaching! As homeschoolers, we're blessed to have the time and the flexibility to go geocaching whenever we want to. =) Many thanks to the geniuses who originally set up this "world-wide game of hide and seek."

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Homeschooler's here from the land downunder we are using geocaching as an activity for our geokid.

luvs it and it works for puzzle solving, physical education, map reading skills, and the usual 3R's

and can fill in a couple of hours when you are out for appointments etc. we are registered with the

education department and the reviewer was very interested in geocaching as it ticked a lot of boxes.

good to see other homeschoolers onboard.

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We are homeschoolers/unschoolers too! I go geocaching with a 6-year-old and 4-year-old and we have a great time! We haven't really used it with a lesson plan or anything but I definitely see how we learn a lot about science (nature/earth science). Plus, it's a great excuse to get outside and get active!

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We definitely use geocaching as part of our home education. We've been able to visit some neat historical sites looking for caches and both our seven and three year old love it. The best part is that we can just decide on a whim to spend a day out and about learning and caching instead of them being locked inside a classroom being taught to be just like everyone else.

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I am a homeschooling mom in NW Washington to my Grade 4 guy. We just joined the geocaching community.....hoping to be able to use geocaching for geography, science, pe, math. We are going to enjoy the adventure, as we are new to the state! & New to homeschooling (last 2 months)!

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I am a homeschooling mom in NW Washington to my Grade 4 guy. We just joined the geocaching community.....hoping to be able to use geocaching for geography, science, pe, math. We are going to enjoy the adventure, as we are new to the state! & New to homeschooling (last 2 months)!


Welcome to the hobby. For goecaching education materials, you may want to search for 'educaching'. Other resources include 4-H, which has a Geospatial project. Cornell has some interesting 4-H materials. Boy Scouts have a Geocaching Merit Badge, and I think that Girl Scouts does also. Those organizations may have materials online, if not you may be able to purchase the merit badge manuals from the local office. I am not an educator, and I am not affiliated with educaching. I am a volunteer 4-H Geospatial project leader.

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The Boy Scout merit badge book would be great and appropriate for kids 5th grade and older. Girl scouts have some other age related materials for Brownies, Cadets and Girl Scouts. Yea, it is for scouts, but either sex can use the educational material. I have used it from both groups.

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