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Trouble decipering Magic MapIt

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I'm having trouble deciding on Magic MapIt what permissions would be needed for a certain area. Could anyone have a look at this link and tell me anything about the area where my arrow is pointing to. http://benchmarks.org.uk/magicmapit.php?c=51.731602+%2C++-2.652714

To me it looks too dark to be an SSSI and too light to be a Local Nature reserve.


I do know for a fact it is common land where I could gather wood and keep pigs (if I had some)and who owns it.

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Two ways of helping to decide on Magic Mapit


Change the Scale by changing the number in the Scale box at the bottom to either 4,000 or even 2,000.


Try switching on and off Filters


Above the Filter Legend Box, on the right of the page, is "List of Layers". Click on that and it opens the "Switch map layers on or off" box. Untick the Layers you wish to turn off, and click Refresh at the bottom of the box. That will refresh the map, without the unticked filters. This helps to see where the Filters are on the map.


These work for me, and I've seen thousands of locations on MAGIC now.



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Have a look here on my resource site, the page for MAGIC. It shows example images of the layers which can be difficult to interpret. As Dave says, turn off layers. The 'grey' default woodland background often shows as a pale blue on some PC monitors and can be confused with nature reserves.




Thanks for that Chris. I went to your pages first to find the link and followed most of the instructions but it was still difficult to tell what was what until MartyBartFast suggested I switch off the OS button. It's all much clearer now. And thanks for replying too Deceangi :)

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