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Anyone else run into an unforeseen issue?

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I have 2 words for you chiknlips - Bear Spray

(Either that or make sure you can run faster than your wife).


Anyone ever have anything odd put an end to a search?


Well – it did not put an end to our search, but it was close. See, the mark was in front of the door, however, just on the other side of the door was a scrumpdillyicious Peanut Buster Parfait – what to do – what to do?









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Actually, I've had real good luck avoiding bears. I attribute it to obeying posted signs, staying away from rivers during salmon runs and being very aware when the moose are calving. I also make lots of noise and always carry bear spray just in case. I've read a couple of cases where people do not obey these type of signs and bad things happen.

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LOL! Like it!

We have over 3000 black bear in northwest NJ. It's a part of life if you want to go hiking. There are people who will not hunt for many of my caches becaue I mention that there are bear in the area. (I even tell you their names!)

But I've never met any while looking for benchmarks. Guess bear don't care about benchmarks?

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