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4H And GPS

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GIS is used a lot in Ag nowdays. Many farmers actually route the combines, etc via GPSr. The units used for this purpose are "corrected" via DGPS beacon that corrects the error down to inches.


Using a GPSr to map out an area and locate items within that area is a good exercise. For example.. walk the perimeter of a park, then mark the co-ords of streams, trees, large rocks, etc. Then upload the tracks and waypoints to a maping program (like TOPO!) and view the results. Note the differences between what is on the map (probably from a survey done years ago) vs. what is there now.


Another thought is to strap the GPSr to the neck of a cow (or some other grazing critter) in the morning and retrieve in the evening. Then plot the cow's wandering. This will give you an idea of the grazing pattern.


You should look at the OziExplorer software. It allows you (with a bit of work) to use your own maps. This can be quite handy to generate a usable map from something like a park handout map that will provide better resolution than the 1:24,000 topos. One thing to remember that the comercial GPSr units will have an error that will be noticeable. Just remind them that "corrected" units can get down to the inch.


Your Ag Extension agent should be able to give you examples of GIS usage in your area.


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