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Getting 'total found' number from outside

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Hi everyone.


I was just wondering if there's any way (maybe through the - AFAIK - not-existing public web API) how to get the number of total found caches let's say for my portfolium or whatever? It confuses me a bit when there's the option of placing a status bar on my website, where the number is shown, but when I want to receive the number as a text, I'm completely lost.


Can anyone help here, please?


Thanks a lot.

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Well maybe I didn't write the question clear.


The thing I want to do is display my total founds on my own website. That means I want to somehow request the server and receive the response in which I'll get the total founds (or other statistics). That's the only API feature I dream of having, but I haven't found any public API to accomplish this...

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I'm searching for such service, but not with the image output (as in this 'status bar' case), but with the text input.


I think this should provide geocaching.com itself, as long as it provides the statusbars as well (this service Troublemaker... mentioned is in fact only a formular wrapper if I'm right).


I would compare this to twitter - when I want to know some statistics about a certain account, I'll just send a request at



and it returns some formated statistics, which I'm able to parse. I haven't found such API at geocaching though...


So is there any way how to get this info from the outside?

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