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Question about Greene County Parks rules in Ohio

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" Greene County Park District is aware that several individuals have been placing Geocache and Letterbox items in some of our park areas.


The Park District understands that those participating in Geocaching are not intending harm but there are issues and concerns just the same.


Park District Rules and Regulations prohibit leaving personal possessions unattended without a written permit from the department. Rules also state that all visitors are restricted to drives, roadways, paths or trails while visiting our park areas.


Therefore, Greene County Park District is requiring that all Geocache and Letterbox items be removed immediately. Persons wishing to participate in these activities may visit our park office to fill out an application for a permit.


The application will state where the items are placed and a permit will be issued after these locations are determined to be acceptable to the department. A few restrictions will also be in place and these will be explained at the application process.


Greene County Park District is requiring that all items be removed by August 31, 2002. Items left in our park areas after that date will be removed and treated as abandoned property. The owners may be charged and the items will not be returned.


Those who have questions may contact Lt. Dale Steele at (937)562-7405.

The Park Office is located at 651 Dayton-Xenia Rd. Xenia, OH 45385.


Thank-you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter."




I found the above in a different post but being that it is from back in 2002 I want to find some more up-to-date information. I know Lt. Steele has retired but that is about it. There isn't anything online under their "Permits" link. Also does anyone know if you have to go meet with them and get grilled by them about why they should let you put your geocache there in that spot in their park? I have heard stories about that in two other neighboring counties and that really does not appeal to me. I am about to graduate too so having to meet with them to check out a site for the Geocache and go to some meeting to do paperwork and talk with their board to get approved is not really a possible thing either, especially since it is looking like my calendar isn't going to be clearing up until August. So whether or not that is required is important information for me too. Any other information that anyone has would be helpful and very appreciated too. Thank you [:)]

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Contact one of the Greene Co. naturalists at the Narrows Reserve Nature Center, 2575 Indian Ripple Rd, Beavercreek, OH. to learn about the permit system they have in place.


Greene Co. Parks still support geocaching as noted in the below activity they put on:


Description: Join Greene County Parks & Trails for a Geocache-Easter Style beginning with the first coordinates available between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., Saturday, April 7, at the Narrows Reserve Nature Center, 2575 Indian Ripple Rd., Beavercreek.


Participants will be given the GPS coordinates to the first cache of eggs with puzzles/clues leading searchers to the remaining Easter treasures. Participants will need geocaching knowledge and a GPS unit.


The event is free and open to the public. All ages are welcomed.


For more information, call Greene County Parks & Trails at 937.562.6440 or email rgregory@co.greene.oh.us.

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get ahold of boydfamily here on geocaching.com. They are the heads of the Miami Valley Geocachers and currently live in Greene county and should be able to answer your questions about placing caches in any of the local counties.

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